Thursday, April 24, 2008

FOX Expert: If the Mob Ran Things, There'd Be No Obama Issue

Tracy Byrnes, a FOX Business analyst, went completely over the line in her comments during the Cavuto show that aired April 23rd on FOX Business Network.

Byrnes is a dedicated water-carrier her bosses at FOX News. If they asked her to say the moon is made of green cheese, she'd say it. So when you listen to the following comments, realize that - despite the surprised looks on the faces of Neil Cavuto and John Layfield - she is, in all probability, simply stating what she's heard around the FOX set and in the halls of power at FOX Central.

During a ludicrous discussion about whether or not the "mob" (Mafia) is controlling the cost of oil, Byrnes said "I've seen the mob in action. I'm thinking it could rule the world and they probably should. We wouldn't have the Obama issue, quite frankly, if Tony Soprano was in charge."

What exactly did Ms. Byrnes mean by the "Obama issue"? And what, pray tell, does she think the mob should do to the Senator from Illinois?

Later in the show, embittered comedian Dennis Miller let the FOX audience know precisely why Ms. Byrnes was hired by FOX Business Network.

If, after watching the video below, you think that FOX should issue an apology to Sen. Obama and censure Ms. Byrnes, contact them here: and

As for one of the other FOX financial experts - John Layfield - he's a joke. Several years ago the former wrestler was censured in Germany for doing the Nazi salute and goose-stepping during a WWE house show. This caused a huge ruckus in Germany, which has strict laws against such behavior.

If that wasn't bad enough, here's a video of Layfield hawking Mamajuana Energy sex potion!

With "business experts" like these discussing pretentious, manufactured tabloid topics, is it any wonder that FBN's ratings are in the toilet?

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