Thursday, September 4, 2008

If McCain's Such a "Reformer," Where Are His Wife's Tax Forms? And What About "Pitbull" Palin and Her Husband?

This one's a no brainer.

Barack and Michelle Obama have released their tax forms.

Hillary and Bill balked until the media browbeat them into submission.

John McCain has released his forms.

Sen. Joe Biden's 2006 tax forms are available. We assume that he and his wife will release their 2007 forms shortly.

Mrs. Cindy McCain has basically told everyone to take a hike, declaring early on that the American people have no right to know where she gets her money.

The so-called liberal media hasn't bothered to bring it up since. They've given Cindy and her $100 million a free ride.

So, now, the GOP is trying to make Sarah Palin into The Painted Pitbull Housewife, claiming she's a woman who represents the great middle of America.

OK. Then she won't mind letting us all know how much she and her husband are worth!



Click on the following media links. Demand "full disclosure" and "transparency."

Demand that Cindy McCain and Sarah and Todd Palin release their 2007 IRS reports.

Click on one of the links below and let your voice be heard. It's time for the foot-dragging to stop.


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